Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tennis Anyone???

Wow, what a windy Thursday! So beautiful here today. The sun is shining and the clouds are amazing. It is a bit windy!! That's because I have a date to play tennis:)

First things first. Last night around 9:30pm I got hungry. My stomach started to rumble. so I headed downstairs in search of something sweet. I could have had a banana or apple but no.

Perfect!! Even the dim picture makes me feel sneaky! LOL

Today I mixed things up for breakfast and made myself a protein shake.

Chocolate protein powder, one frozen banana, ice and just a little water. 

This was the other half of my Clif bar from my race on Sunday and I didn't want it to go to waste.

Perfect mid morning snack.

Lunch was the usual.


Got off at 2pm today and I ate this before heading to meet my friend for tennis. This was in my "earth day" bag from Target. Only 120 calories but not great. I will not be buying these.

My girlfriend belongs to the country club in her neighborhood, remember the neighborhood with all the "rock stars and electricians??" Lisa reserved court 5 (90 minutes), we were all the way on the far end. The courts had a layer of tiny, tiny gravel. I have never played on that before but it was nice. The day was so pretty out!!! Even with the wind, we had a great time playing. 

I really needed my sweaty band!! It was hard to see at times. LOL

Cute scoreboard. Lisa smoked me!!!

There she is....the tennis star! We had a great time. Hopefully, we will make this a weekly routine.

Snacked on these while making dinner.

Dinner started off with a salad with lots of veggies!!

Dinner was a big chicken fajita with veggies lite sour cream and fresh quac.

Hope everyone enjoyed their day!!


  1. good for you for playing tennis! what a great workout! regarding the question you left on my blog.....i do run in the morning. i try to stick to major roads and go with friends when i can. if you live in a rural area i would say a long as there is light out you will be fine :)

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  3. Thanks kalli. Tennis was so fun and a nice change. Next week I plan to start running in the morning. I think I run better first thing in the morning then late afternoon.