Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday Running Group

Wow, what amazing weather we are having!!

Friday night I enjoyed a smores by the bonfire with awesome friends. Dark chocolate is awesome!

Saturday morning I have my running group. I ate half a banana and half a Clif bar on the way.

Everyone was gathering and deciding which direction to head out. It is nice that we break up by pace and distance. Jen, Karen and I headed out to do 4 miles.

Rolling country run. So beautiful......

We finished back at the local bagel shop. Really nice to feel like you are getting to know other runners in the group and meeting up afterwards is fun.

Lunch was tuna on ww, chips and watermelon.

Dinner was tortilla pizza. So so good!! I made myself 2!!

Dessert was fresh cut pineapple. 

Super busy Saturday, but I managed to get so much done!!! Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I hope all you moms out there have a great day!!!!

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