Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautiful Friday!

Today is absolutely beautiful outside!!! I could not wait to get off work to enjoy it!


Lunch was a Starbucks spinach wrap, pepper popcorn and tea.

Dessert from Starbucks. Petite apple pie was awesome but 180 calories!

Once I got home from work I changed into my running clothes. I could not wait to get outside and it was gorgeous out:) I decided to rock "pink" on my run.

Pink Saucony running shoes!

Pink Lucy shirt::)

Pink ipod and Spibelt...

Beautiful 4 mile run! So mad my finger was on the lens:(

I asked my husband the other day if I get a Mother's Day gift from him?? His reply was, "What did you buy yourself?" Haaaa I then told him there was something I really wanted. I have some pretty urns on our front stoop. The scrubs in them have been dying and we have tried everything to save them. I don't think it's going to work. I asked for something new to put in them.

Just not pretty anymore. So much brown in them. When I got back from my run, hubs arrived home from work. He stopped by a local nursery and thought he found something I might like. So we headed over.

Perfect day to visit a nursery!!

I love them!! He is so sweet! Plus ,they are something different.

We stopped by Subway on the way home. I ordered a foot long veggie on wheat with pepper jack cheese and yellow mustard. No chips for me tonight. I would rather eat the entire thing!

I love them. After dinner, my husband planted them for me. I think I may get some ivy to put around the bottom to add a little something. Happy early Mother's Day to me!!

Time to head out for a bonfire tonight with the neighbors. No snacking for me today, so I hope to enjoy a smores:) Tomorrow morning I meet up with my running group and I am looking forward to it. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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