Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today, I started the Runners World Summer Running Streak. The streak starts Memorial Day and goes until Independence Day and all you need to do is run at least one mile each day! How cool is that? I am always up for a challenge and this will just motivate me to continue running even more. I waited until 7 pm tonight to get my run in since the weather has been very hot and humid. Even at that time of the day, I questioned what I was doing! The air was heavy and hot. I started out thinking I would do 5 miles but turned back early and did 3.5. When I was finished I enjoyed a nice cool shower:)

My daughter celebrated her 18th birthday Sunday and several of her friends spent the night. Another daughter was driving up to Dunkin Donuts to get a dozen for the girls and I went along for the ride. I grabbed a banana on the go.

In order to afford eating said donuts I grabbed old faithful.

Lunch was leftover pork, string cheese and corn chips (several helpings).

I was craving something sweet in the afternoon so I made myself one of these. So good! I had seen a post by Lexi on firelitesfire and she had made these so I figured I would give them a try. Good and so low in calories. I just used one tortilla (50 calories) and sprinkled on marsh mellows and dark chocolate chips. Then I put it in the oven on broil to melt the toppings.This is a small salad size plate. I just folded it over like a taco. Thanks Lexi. 

Dinner was a foot long wheat veggie with yellow mustard and no cheese. Before we walked out the door I grabbed a bag of chips and drinks. My top is down on the wrangler so we found a shaded spot and ate in the car. I tried to resist the chips but ended up having way too many:(

After dinner I went for my run then showered. I was wanting a treat since everyone in my house was eating leftover birthday cake, so I made a banana and choc PB frosty.

Powdered PB is so low in calories and nice to add to smoothies. 

Well, my holiday weekend flew by. A pig roast Saturday and a cookout and birthday party Sunday. Both days were enjoyed by lots of family and friends. My Memorial Day was full of errands, laundry and housework. It feels good to get caught up.

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