Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beautiful Day for Tennis!

What an awesome day! The weather could not have been nicer. I was looking forward to getting off work to meet my girlfriend to play tennis. 

The usual...

The not so usual. Yes, I had Chipole for lunch. Just the chips and quac. Don't let those few chips fool you. The bag contained plenty more. Not the healthiest choice. Just the chips and quac are 780 calories!! 


Dinner was a footlong wheat veggie sub! Tons of veggies, pepperjack cheese and yellow mustard. I wanted to eat the entire thing, so no chips for me!! 

Tennis was so fun. We played for about 90 minutes and we got a great workout. After about 30 minutes of playing, a gentleman on another court offered to play with us. He had a powerful swing!!! It just challenged us to play that much harder. We even asked if he was going to be there next Thursday! Always fun to change up your workouts and see a great friend:)

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