Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not Much Happening

I have to say, I was super disappointed in The Bachelorette!! Seriously, Emily drove me nuts!! She was so fake. Not sure I will watch it again next week. I have been so disappointed in so many shows that I use to love. Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor. My favorite has always been Amazing Race and now that is over. I usually do not watch that much tv during the summer. So I guess this is a good thing. Guess I will stick with House Hunters!! 

Breakfast....out of bananas:(

Snack was Kashi Go Lean cereal. My new favorite snack!!

Lunch was left over chicken on ww, string cheese and raisins.


Dinner was steak fajitas with Alexia onion rings. Salad size plate.

I ate more strawberries then you can imagine!! I refilled this bowl several times. So good!!!

After I got dinner cleaned up, I pulled the vacuum out and go to cleanin. I LOVE to vacuum!! I know it sounds crazy but it is therapeutic for me. With so many things coming up. I tend to stress easily. I always feel better when things are organized and in their place. I did not get much done around the house over the weekend so I feel much better. I managed to get 2 of the bathrooms cleaned and the laundry caught up. The weather here is warm and humid so I worked up a sweat. Today was a rest day for me but I still managed to burn some calories!! 


  1. Do I see a Starbucks iced green tee? That's my new addiction!

    1. yes! love the tazo zen green tea at Starbucks! Tazo just came out with a new "iced" green tea. One tea bag makes 2 quarts of tea and I have it ready in the fridge at all times!!

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