Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Warmin up

Today it was finally sunny and beautiful. It warmed up to the mid 80s but  felt humid. 
I had plans to play tennis with my girlfriend, but she had to cancel. I have loved playing tennis and it is a nice change. So, after work I decided to do a few errands and go for a run after dinner. 

Breakfast usual.

Morning snack.


Around 2:30 I headed over to the mall. Today was the start of the VS 7 panties for $26. I knew exactly the style I wanted (cotton string bikini) and I only needed to decide on colors. I was happy to get exactly want I wanted. Then I passed by this little stand in the mall....right by my exit!

I have NEVER had this before!!!

 I know it sounds crazy, but I have been reading on several blogs about this joint, so today was the day!!! I got the chocolate with rainbow jimmies and it was amazing!!! Plus, it was only about 100 calories!!! What???

After I finished up at the mall, one of my daughters called to see if she could help me get dinner started. I figured I would keep it simple and suggested a large salad and a frozen pizza.

Check out all the salad toppings she prepared!!!! Thanks Kelsey!!

Salad size plate just veggies, chia seeds and fresh guac.

 I had 2 slices and added my own turkey pepperoni. 

After dinner I got in a 4 mile run. It was humid and I worked up a great sweat. Feels good!! Tomorrow is Friday. We have so much going on again this weekend. Looking forward to seeing lots of family and friends.

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