Week of 09/16/2012
S  rest
M 1 mile TM/ 30 min elip w/weighted vest!
T  rest
W 30 min elip/ 1 hr yoga

Week of 09/09/2012
S bike ride
M rest
T  rest
W2.5 mile walk/ 2 mile treadmill
T  yoga 1hr
F  rest
S 16 mile run

Week of 09/02/2012
S   rest
M  5K
T   rest
W rest
T 4 mile treadmill/ 1 hr yoga
F  rest
S  12 mile run

Week of 08/26/2012
S    rest
M  5 miler
T    rest ankle
W   rest ankle
T    4 miler
F    rest
S    15 miles

Week of 08/19/2012
S   rest
M  rest
T  7 miles track
W  rest- ankle
T   rest- ankle
F   rest- ankle
S   10 miler

Week of 08/12/2012
S    some walking
M   rest
T    3 mile treadmill
W  6 mile track workout
T   3 mile treadmill walk
F   rest
S   13 mile run

 Week of 08/05/2012
S    lazy
M  3 miles treadmill
T    rest
W  6 mile track workout
T   3  mile treadmill intervals
F   rest
S   12 mile run w/krista

 Week of 07/29/2012
S   2 hour biking
M   rest
T   3 mile treadmill
W  5 mile treadmill
T   3 mile treadmill
F   rest
S   7 mile run w/grp

 Week of 07/22/2012
 S 2 miles treadmill/ upper body weights
M  rest
T   4 mile run
W 4 mile run
T  3 mile treadmill walk
F  rest
S  10 miler

Week of 07/15/2012
S   rest
M  4 mile treadmill
T  4 mile treadmill
F  rest
S   8 mile run w/grp in rain

Week of 07/08/2012
S   rest
M  lazy
T   1 hr treadmill
W  nothin
T   1 hr treadmill
S  7.5 mile run

Week of 07/01/2012
S- 3.5 mile run HOT
M 3.5 treadmill walk w/vest
T  1 hr treadmill
W rest
T  rest
F  rest
S 6.5 mile run w/grp.

 Week of 06/24/2012
 S-   3 mile run/ bike ride
M-   3 mile run/bike ride
T-    3 mile run/walk/bike ride
W-   3.5 mile run/ beach walk
T-   1.5 mile run/ bike ride
F-   3 mile HOT run
S-   rest day

Week of 06/17/2012
S-   rest
M- 4 mile treadmill
T-   1 hr treadmill
W-  just too busy!
T-   1hr treadmill
F-   1hr treadmill AM woohoo
S-   3 mile run outside

 Week of 06/10/2012
S-   rest
M-  rest
T-   3.5 miles treadmill
W- 5 mile run/walk
T-  30 minute treadmill walk
F-  rest
S-  6 mile run with grp

Week of 06/03/2012
S-   rest
M-  rest
T-   4 mile run
W-  lazy
T-   45 min. treadmill/ 15 weights
F-   crazy busy day
S-   6.5 mile run

Week of 05/27/2012
S-   rest
M-  3.5 HOT HUMID miles
T-   3.5 treadmill
W- 4 mile run/walk legs felt heavy!!!
T-   tennis afternoon/evening & 1 mile run
F-  45 min treadmill
S-  5 miles with running grp

Week of 05/20/2012
S-   kayaking
M-  rest
T-   45 minute walk
W- 3 miles treadmill w/vest
T-   4 mile run
F-   rest
S-  5 mile humid sweaty awesome run!

Week of 05/13/2012
S-  5 mile run
M- 1 hr treadmill walk
T-   rest
W- 3 mile walk/run/sprints
T-  90 minutes of tennis
F-  rest
S- 5 mile run

Week of 05/06/2012
S- Half Marathon!
M- rest
T-  rest
W- 4 mile run
T- 1 hr tennis
F- 4 mile run
S- 4 miles w/ running grp.

Week of 04/30/2012
S- Half Marathon!
T- 2 mile walk with John
W- 3.5 mile run
T- rest
F- rest
S- rest

Week of 04/23/12
S- 1 hr treadmill walk
M- rest
T- 4 mile run/walk with kels
W- 30 min. tire/agility ladder
T- 20 min walk
F- rest
S- rest

Week of 04/15/12
S-   rest
M- 3 mile run/ 1 mile walk
T-  4.5 mile walk/ 30 min tire/ladder workout
W- rest
T-  3 mile run/ 2 mile walk
F-  rest
S-  6 mile training run

Week of 04/08/12
S-    lazy
M-  1 hr treadmill
W-  rest
T-   5 mile run
T-   5.5 mile hike
F-   rest
S-   6 mile run/ 16 mile bike ride

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