Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doing Big Things!

Thanks for all your kind words concerning my swollen face!! I am doing much better, but have had to ice it the past few morning. The swelling is not nearly as bad as it was, but still has me totally freaked out. I honestly hope that it was the lotion, but have a hard time believing that lotion could cause that!! Several have asked what the lotion was. I love Bare Minerals and use several of their products. I decided to change the BM moisturizer that I have been using for a few years to their new tinted moisturizer. It has the SPF 20 and is tinted and thought it would be great for days when I am not wearing make up but I would still have color on my face.,default,pd.html?start=5&cgid=BM_SUB_MOISTURIZE  I will not be trying it again!! Now I am totally freaked out about changing any of my make up!!

I opened a Twitter account. Now you can follow me at Fitnwoodine45. I am excited to give this a try and follow some of my bloggers/healthy living favorites!! It is something that I need to do if I want to grow my blog. Another way of growing my blog is by attending Fitbloggin12.

I am SO excited to attend and learn all sorts of new stuff. Three day full of seminars, fitness classes and amazing swag bags!! Excited and nervous at the same time. I have never stayed in a hotel room alone before and I do not know anyone going!! Yikes! I will have so much to share!!!!!

Saturday morning I got up early to do my long run. 16 miles was on my agenda. I ran the first 2 alone then my girlfriend from my running group ran the next 8 with me. I was on my own for the last 6. The weather was absolutely amazing for running. Cool breeze, no humidity along with beautiful sunshine. It was 6:30 in the morning when I started out and the first 2 miles felt great. My ankle feels really really good. The next 8 flew by since I had a friend to talk to. Honestly, when I was at mile 9 I felt awesome. I can tell the training is really  starting to show. At mile 10 I took a GU and parted ways with my girlfriend. I was alone again.... glad that I had my ipod with me. The music helped to distract the next 6 miles and I was running through town and had plenty to look at. Mile 15 my right knee starting to really act up. I could tell it was my IT band and I would be doing lots of foam rolling. I did a lot of walking/running my last mile. I can tell you that I did not fuel properly and should have planted water or worn my belt. So happy to have completed the 16 and a PDR!

16 miles PDR!

Shorts, compression socks & Uggs. I love fall :)

Just another reason to love fall :)

I have continued with my weekly yoga class. I really love it. I only have one good pair of yoga pants that I bought a few years ago from Victoria Secret. They are a light sage green. This past week the room was a little warmer and we were doing some different moves that caused me to sweat more then usual. I was sweating right up my butt crack!!! lol I seriously looked like I have wet my pants!! So Friday I was on HauteLook and they had a really good deal on their AZIAM yoga pants. I ended up purchasing these Karma flared pants in navy. Reg 88 for 30. Woohoo. I will let you know what I think about them.

I hope everyone enjoyed the rest of their weekend!! Another beautiful day her and I hope to get some bike riding in!!


  1. I'm following you on Twitter! I'm glad the swelling has gone down. That is just crazy!
    Fitbloggin sounds like SO much fun! I would love to attend sometime. Congrats on the 16 miles! That's awesome!!

  2. Thanks so much! Super excited for Fitbloggin buy SO nervous at the same time!!!

  3. Hey there - first of all congratulations on your long run!! That is such a good feeling isn't it! You are well on your way to the marathon. Now for the swollen face - OMG - how crazy is that! I had a similar experience about a year ago. I woke up and looked like I had been in a boxing match :O I think, and am not positively sure, but think it was neutrogena sunscreen. Go figure. I find as I have gotten older, my skin has gotten more sensitive and I have to be careful what products I use. Jane Iredale is natural and so far so good :-) She has a good tinted moisturizer, too. Great job on the running!

    1. Thanks Linda. I really think that it must have been the SPF in the moisturizer that caused the swelling. It is so scary, right???? I will have to check out the Jane Iredale :)