Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gorgeous Sunday!!

Today could not have been prettier!!! Perfect weather that makes you feel like fall is on its way!!! So pretty today and my husband and I knew we wanted to go biking. We are fortunate to have many options to choose from. We decided to head to BWI trail. It is a 12.5 mile paved trail the encircles the BWI airport. It is a very hilly trail but beautiful. Parts are very open in the full sun, then before you know it, you are in a forest of trees biking in the shade. The best part about this trail are the planes that are literally flying right over you!! The trail was pretty crowded today with bikers, runners and walkers. 

Perfect weather to have the top down on the jeep and load up the bikes. The trail is about 30 minutes from our house.

We had a great time!! I wish the pictures could really show how low and close the planes are!! It took us an hour to do the entire loop and I really wanted to bike the path again, but my husband wanted to get home to watch FOOTBALL!! The Redskins were playing at 1pm today and we still needed to stop by the store.

In these bags are typical football food!! When John is shopping with me, there was no getting around it!

Love fresh guac.

This hummus was awesome!! We also had some hot wings too!! Football food can be a perfect set up for me to overeat. I have heard this often from my friends too. We are heading into the football season so now is the time to get a "game plan" so we survive it. I allowed myself a little bit of everything and I did not feel deprived. I just know when to walk away!!!!

I washed my grocery bags today and hung them on the line. I read an article the other day about how many germs they carry!!! I love these bags and would not go back to plastic for anything.

After the game, Redskins WON, I dragged my husband from the couch. It was WAY too nice to stay inside. We drove the jeep up to the local yogurt shop and I enjoyed a cup:)

Since my blonde is a little darker I had to break out some fall nail color!! Essie nail polish have my favorite colors lately. Tomorrow, I will post my favorites.

Who else got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather??

What nail color are you wearing today??

Have you ever washed your reusable grocery bags??



  1. Yes, yesterday was gorgeous! Hello Fall...I had to do my long run before church because of the storm on Saturday and it was 58 degrees!

    Yay for the RG3 and the 'Skins, but boo that my Packers lost. I'm a huge football fan!

    I'm loving a grey shade of Essie (don't remember the name). Glad you and a great day biking.

  2. Well, lets hope the Skins have a good season!!!! We love football in my house too. I am in love with several grey nail colors too. I will post my favs today!!! Good for you for getting your long run in BEFORE church!!!

  3. I am envious that fall is in the air for you! We had a low of 65 last night so this morning it sorta kinda felt like fall :-) Well, at least it wasn't quite as humid :0. Love the nail color. Just painted mine a wine color and am loving it. At least if the weather isn't quite fall, my nails are! Looks like an awesome trail to cycle.

  4. The cooler air should be coming your way!! So nice to sleep with the windows open!!