Saturday, September 1, 2012

PDR & Virtual Run!!

My morning started super early!!!

Sorry this picture is so dark, but its a picture of my pre-run food, a slice of toast with peanut butter. It was taken at 5:40 this morning.  I started my run at 6:30 and ran the first 3 miles alone. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the alone miles lost in my thoughts. Happily, Jen, Krista and Sarah were there to join for my next 12 miles. It was a hilly run, but enjoyable. 

They offered to join me on this long run even though they aren't training for a marathon. They understand how hard long runs can be- especially alone. Mile 7 brought some welcomed rain. It felt great and I felt renewed. Crazy how running can be an amazing stress reliever. I have been going through many changes and not handling them too well. Running has helped me to center myself for what is to come. At mile 10, two of the ladies needed to head home, but Krista was kind enough to continue on. Seriously- running and chatting help the miles to flow. Sadly, I was alone for my my last 2 miles. All I could think was, "Wow, I am still running after 13 miles!"

15 MILES!!!!

Woohoo, I did it! I finished in 2:49:47 with an average of 11:19 per mile. It is a training run and I needed to get the mileage in. My ankle is not 100% but it has felt the best it has in a few weeks!!! Considering this was a training run and my ankle is sssssooooorrrrrreeeeee, I am satisfied with my time.

My well earned post run treat:) So happy that I did not deal with any tummy issues!

This run was also my Virtual Labor Day Run!! I hope I win something!!


  1. Congratulations on your run!! What a great feeling it is to complete those long runs. And yes that treat was so well deserved! Glad the ankle is holding up. Have a great and healthy week!

  2. 15 miles!! Great job, Teresa- I love that you got your new pdr, too. Thanks so much for participating!!