Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weigh In & My FACE

Not where I want to be but that will have to do!!

On Wednesday's I have to work all day. Meaning I work until 6. So I got up early because I wanted to get on the treadmill this morning and if I felt like getting in a few extra miles tonight I could. Getting out of bed I thought my face felt dry and kinda tight. I made the bed before heading into the bathroom. Well, I turned the light on I was horrified by how my face looked!!! I totally freaked out calling for one of my daughters to come in my room. My face was SO SO SWOLLEN!! It looked so bad that I will not even post a picture, and I took several. Immediately I went over what I may have eaten or if I used anything different on my face. All my food has been the same but I did use a new tinted moisturizer. Could that have really caused the swelling that I had?? There was no way I could go to work. I called my neighbor and thankfully she had some Benadryl. I called my office hoping that maybe I could make it in around 1pm today, but by 12 I knew there was no way!! The Benadryl made me so sleepy and loopy. I slept for a little bit and the swelling went down but even tonight as I post this (9:50pm) my face is puffy and red. If anyone reading this has experienced anything like this from a lotion, PLEASE PLEASE let me know. 

I was then super careful for what I ate today.

At dinner I did have another taco and a few more onions rings.

My oldest daughter is still on maturity leave so she came on over to check on me. I felt totally fine just for my face. We decided to go to Ulta and returned the lotion and purchase what I usually use. The woman at the counter asked why I was returning and I lifted my sunglasses and showed her my face!!!! 

It was so pretty outside today that we decided to take Tyler to the park for a walk. He loved it!! The park was nice and quiet compared to a Saturday morning.

Sorry, but I was not going to turn around for the photo!!!

How cute is he???? We walked 2.5 miles then after dinner tonight I did 2 more miles on the treadmill. It was nice to spend the afternoon with my daughter and grandson but not because of a swollen face!!

Time for bed. I hope to wake up looking my normal self, but I have to admit I am nervous!!!!


  1. OMG, that is awful! I've never had a reaction like that, but it must've been the lotion. Hope it goes away soon! Tyler is adorable!!

    1. Thanks. I am just shocked that a lotion can cause my face to swell like that!! I think Tyler is super cute too!!

  2. Aww, sorry to hear about your face, hope you feel better soon! What tinted moisturizer did you use btw?

    1. It was by Bare Minerals (love their stuff and have never had a problem before) tinted moisturizer with SPF.

  3. So strange about the moisturizer-- hope the swelling goes down quickly. Your grandson is precious!!