Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Foodie PenPal Reveal

My Foodie Penpal box arrived! My box was sent to me by Marilyn . She contacted me right away by email letting me know she would be sending me my goodies and asking if I had any dietary restrictions. I have none but also explained that I am working on getting out of my food comfort zone so she was free to send me whatever. This was an amazing box and only my second month participating. Not sure it can get any better then this!!!
Check out her amazing food blog:
A beautiful card (designed by her dear friend) was right on top along with the most amazing letter.

She had some awesome teas scattered on the top.

My box of goodies was wrapped and packaged with such care!

Marilyn shopped for all my goodies at her local farmers market in New York State. Her letter was 5 pages long and included such great detail. She even designated her husband Bill as the official photographer! She enclosed brochures and business cards from all the vendors she purchased from. Marylin took so much time, describing in great detail, her day at the farmers market. It really made me feel as though I were walking right along with her as she made her selections. I loved how she really truly thought of "me" in Woodbine, MD when choosing what to send in my box!! Along with each item she offered suggestions/recipes on how to incorporate them in my foods.

All my goodies!!!

Bon Vivant Orzo - wild mushroom, saffron, spinach & cayenne flavored orzo. Marilyn suggested I add this to soup or a summer salad.

I have never tried this spice before. Marilyn likes it so much she started growing some on her deck! So far, I have sprinkled on chicken and even some veggies.

This is "new" to me for sure. Marilyn wrote that adding pollen to your diet often helps a person's allergies!

I LOVE peanut butter!! This is SO good!!! It has added white chocolate!!

New York pure maple syrup! Who knew?? This syrup is extra dark and excellent for cooking!

This honey did not last long!

A BIG THANK YOU to Marilyn at http://kitchencauldron.wordpress.com/. You truly made me "smile" opening my magic box!

Monday, July 30, 2012

What I Ate Monday

Loved the sticker on my banana this morning! So true!!!

Nature's original energy bar!! 

Breakfast was Clif and banana.


Lunch was an almond butter sandwich, triscuits and string cheese.

Kashi cookie. 

Salad full of veggies and black beans.

Grilled veggie burger and zucchini.

Pork n beans!

Today was a rest day for me so I am enjoying the Olympics from the couch!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today we had the best weather ever! Perfect to be outside. After my 10 mile run yesterday, I figured I should probably take it easy. My husband and I have plans to go bike the C & O. It is a beautiful trail that runs along the Potomac River. It is all flat and shaded and one of my favorite places. Biking was just what my body needed today. After my run yesterday I wore my compression socks for the entire day. I was not sore but my knees felt achy. I have not felt that before so hopefully that will go away.

I grabbed breakfast on the way out the door after I heard where John wanted to stop!

McDonald's !!

It was about a 30 minute drive. This is a view from the parking lot. So pretty. I see plenty of runners but not sure I would run here alone. I would say the majority of the people I see are biking. My husband enjoys the outdoors. He loves fishing, hunting and boating but is not one to exercise. Biking, he will do and does enjoy it. I love that we can do this together. It is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy each others company.

They even had new bathrooms!! No more porta johns:)

We saw plenty of people who had camped out all night with their canoes and kayaks. 

We road for about 55 minutes into Brunswick. 

I wish I had taken pictures of the trails. They are not paved but crushed gravel. There were also plenty of mud puddles due to the rain last night. We road for almost 2 hours and we were back home by noon. 

No food journal today!! Mindless munching!! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Morning Run

Yes, I jumped off the ground for this pic! I just finished a 10 miler with my running group. It was a very HILLY course and it was a great training run. Now I am home, showered and wearing my compression socks. Now my weekend can begin.

Happy Saturday!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


I love Fridays!! Looking forward to the weekend. It is a great time to get caught up on things around the house and see the girls and my husband. Our evenings during the week seem to be so busy lately. Everyone has been going in all different directions!!! What happened to relaxing summers???? Just wish I did not have to spend so much time on the weekends getting my chores done! 

Clif & banana.

Kashi cookie.

Lunch. People can say whatever they want about my food choices. I still say it never hurts to eat the same things during the week. My food works for me. I know what makes me feel full. I like knowing the calories in the items I choose. Would I rather enjoy a salad for lunch, instead of the same old almond or peanut butter sandwich? Of course I would, but there is no way I can eat a salad where I work. I tend to save the big salad for dinner a home. I also love protein shakes but never seem to give myself enough time in the morning before work to make them! That is why I always have a bar and banana. I just do what works.

After I got off today I had to take daughter #4 (right), Taylor May to the doctor. She needed to get a few shots before she goes away to college in the fall. She is 18 years old and still sees the pediatrician and she is still afraid to get a shot!

She still managed to rock a paper gown!


Dinner was a foot long veggie with yellow mustard on ww along with a bag of Sunchips. This was so good!! I have my running group in the morning and the plan is for 10 miles. My knee bothered me last Saturday during our 8 miler, so I hope it holds up. I really enjoy the women that I run with. After our run everyone meets up for a bagel. I have not gone for a bagel in several weeks because it always seems like something is going on that I need to get to. Tomorrow, I plan on joining everyone for a bagel. 

Time for the Olympics!!

Busy Thursday

Nothing like oversleeping and being late for work to start off my Thursday!! That NEVER happens to me! 

Clif & banana.

Kashi cookie. These are so good!! Packing just one in my lunch helps. If I were home, there would be no more left.

Lunch was PB sandwich, almonds and cheese.

My grandson Ty. He will be a week old Friday!! I got off work at 2, and sent my husband a text letting him know that I was going for a quick visit to see Ty. So happy my daughter and her husband bought a house only 8 miles from us!! Guess who arrived during my visit???

He couldn't stay away either!!! Crazy to think we are grandparents!!

I enjoyed some fruit while we were there.

Once we got home, I made a quick dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti (1cup), ground turkey and sauce. I also had one slice of french bread. Then we needed to head back out. We had an appointment at a wedding venue. Our second daughter, Kaitlyn is engaged and plans to be married in the spring.

We loved it!!! The venue seemed to fit them perfectly. This is a picture of Kaitlyn and Brent. I thought all the stone and flowers were beautiful. Wedding planning has officially kicked off!!!

Enjoyed this little treat on the ride home.

It was almost 9 by the time we got home. I then changed and hopped on the treadmill. My treadmill is located in the basement. During my warmup I thought I heard thunder. Then my lab sat right next to the treadmill, just staring at me. I knew then that it must be storming pretty bad. Poor dogs always get so scared. Just then, the power went out!!! My treadmill came to a halt and my basement was black!!! So glad I managed to grab the railings and not fall off!!! The power then came right back on. I could hear my daughter say, "Dad, mom is on the treadmill!" Glad they were worried about me! My 3 miles was a walk and I held on the entire time. Not worth risking falling off if the power went off again. 

Hooked on these sugar free pops.