Friday, July 6, 2012

Took a Break

Hi guys! Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. I think everything caught up with me and I felt like things were getting out of control around here. Sounds crazy I know, but I function better when things are in order. So, I spent a few hours on Wednesday doing stuff around the house. Then I got on a roll the past few days and my blogging got behind. Never enough time!!

Changed up some of my decorations. Love this from Pottery Barn. I bought this several years ago on clearance and I have loved it ever since. I had faux diamonds in here with the candle, but I changed it to some faux sand and pretty rocks.

I placed this above my kitchen sink. Bought some sand dollars at the beach.

These were on the kitchen table but I moved them to the tv table. I bought these at West Elm. Love the color. Again, another clearance find! I just ordered some photos to change up some of my framed family pictures. I love the silver thin frames from PB. They are the perfect size.


Went to Starbucks around 11 for a tea, and came back with these awesome cookies! They were so good but 140 calories each!! I was then not hungry for lunch.

Around 2pm, I was finally hungry. Instead of lunch I just grabbed a Zone Bar. I knew that tonight was "date night" with the hub, so I was trying to save my calories. We love a little place called The Cork. I also knew exactly what I wanted!!

We started with the fresh hummus. So so good!!

Dinner was a veggie pizza. Excellent!! Plus, it you can manage to get there before 5pm the hummus and the pizza were half off!! I am such a cheap date:)

After dinner, we headed to a frozen yogurt shop that I have been wanting to try. We tried to visit on July 4th but they were closed. It is called Lexie's. There were several flavors of yogurt, but I went for the vanilla.

I passed on the candy toppings.

Instead, I went for the fresh fruit (strawberries)
 and some chocolate syrup.

Then they weigh you! lol
We both thought it was good, but pricey!! Wow, it was almost $10 for the two of us!!
Can you imagine if we really went crazy with the toppings??

Tomorrow, I am back with my running group. We are meeting early because of the heat and looks like 6-7 miles is on the agenda. So I have my Garmin charging and got my water belt out!! Excited to see everyone. It has been a few weeks since we were away on vacation.

Happy Friday!!


  1. you have been doing so well even on vacation! you look fab teresa and i love your house decorations! i mentioned you on my blog today :)

  2. I read your blog today!! Thanks so much for mentioning me!!