Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Foodie PenPal Reveal

My Foodie Penpal box arrived! My box was sent to me by Marilyn . She contacted me right away by email letting me know she would be sending me my goodies and asking if I had any dietary restrictions. I have none but also explained that I am working on getting out of my food comfort zone so she was free to send me whatever. This was an amazing box and only my second month participating. Not sure it can get any better then this!!!
Check out her amazing food blog:
A beautiful card (designed by her dear friend) was right on top along with the most amazing letter.

She had some awesome teas scattered on the top.

My box of goodies was wrapped and packaged with such care!

Marilyn shopped for all my goodies at her local farmers market in New York State. Her letter was 5 pages long and included such great detail. She even designated her husband Bill as the official photographer! She enclosed brochures and business cards from all the vendors she purchased from. Marylin took so much time, describing in great detail, her day at the farmers market. It really made me feel as though I were walking right along with her as she made her selections. I loved how she really truly thought of "me" in Woodbine, MD when choosing what to send in my box!! Along with each item she offered suggestions/recipes on how to incorporate them in my foods.

All my goodies!!!

Bon Vivant Orzo - wild mushroom, saffron, spinach & cayenne flavored orzo. Marilyn suggested I add this to soup or a summer salad.

I have never tried this spice before. Marilyn likes it so much she started growing some on her deck! So far, I have sprinkled on chicken and even some veggies.

This is "new" to me for sure. Marilyn wrote that adding pollen to your diet often helps a person's allergies!

I LOVE peanut butter!! This is SO good!!! It has added white chocolate!!

New York pure maple syrup! Who knew?? This syrup is extra dark and excellent for cooking!

This honey did not last long!

A BIG THANK YOU to Marilyn at http://kitchencauldron.wordpress.com/. You truly made me "smile" opening my magic box!

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