Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Mondays always seem hard for most of us. Trying to get back in the swing from the weekend. I had a crazy busy weekend. This coming weekend is going to be busy too. We are having our daughters, Kelsey and Taylor, graduation party Saturday. I have lots to do this week to get ready and I feel very behind!! I have started my "to do" list. Praying for good weather!!

Some of you have asked about my nail polish. I never leave home without polish on! Weird, I know. My go to this summer has been "lollipop" by essie. I think I purchased this from Walmart or Ulta. I am almost out and I have not been able to find it!!!! The perfect red for summer. 

My food has not been the best these last few days. More like grazing and not so much sit down meals. 

Breakfast, was out of bananas.

Snack of trail mix.

Lunch was PB sandwich and triscuits.


Stopped by the store and enjoyed a banana on the way home from work:)

Sugar free popsicles!!

Dinner was 2 turkey dogs and a handful of chips. I also enjoyed watermelon and fresh strawberries. See how many food pictures I have from today? Not sure I like this!!

A sweet girl in my office is having a birthday tomorrow, so I made her some cupcakes and there were a few leftovers. I told John and the girls to enjoy the extra. I enjoyed a few too!! Not sure how my weigh in on Wednesday is gonna go!!! 


  1. Do you do your own nails? They look perfect! Any self manicure tips?

  2. I do my own nails every week. My secret is a good clear topcoat!! Sally Hansen is the best:)