Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rainy Run

So happy to be getting back in the groove of things. Today has been an awesome Saturday. It started with a 6am morning run with my running group. It was raining pretty heavily when we started out, but I LOVE running in the rain. The past two Saturdays it has been raining, so I have been fine with that.We decided on 8 miles and I felt great starting out. I really enjoy the people that I have been running with. They are amazing runners and great motivators. We had some major hills that I rocked thanks to them!!! My right knee started to really act up at mile 7. Not bad enough that I felt the need to stop, but it did worry me.

8 rainy miles!! Loved it. 

 Breakfast was a banana and Clif bar.

After my run, even though I was a hot sweaty mess, I headed to the grocery store. I really needed to go and it was early enough that I knew it would not be too crowded. I did get a few stares, but who cares! I was so COLD in the store since my clothes/socks were wet and the AC, that I grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks.
Skim milk, no whip.  

I foamed rolled and put on my compression socks to wear for the rest of the day. I hope that this will help with the knee pain I had during my run today. 

Protein shake.

After I showered and got all the groceries but away, we headed to the hospital. There was a little someone that I could not wait to get my hands on!!

OMG, he is the sweetest thing ever!!!

The proud grandparents xoxo

Late afternoon lunch. Turkey, pepperjack cheese, lettuce and olive oil mayo on whole wheat. Strawberries, 6 triscuits and some fresh guac.

After lunch, we took this girl, daughter #3 shopping!! She starts her new job at a law firm in a few days and she needs "big girl" clothes.  This college grad needs a new wardrobe to go with that degree. Nordstrom was having a great sale!! She purchased 3 pairs of shoes at Nordstrom and also got some great deals at Ann Taylor and the Limited. She reminded me of Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, "Big mistake. Huge. I have to go shopping now!"

We got home kinda late and I needed to get dinner going. I grabbed these veggie burgers at the store and decided to try one out. I loved it!!

I enjoyed it on a whole wheat bun with a handful of chips.

I had a great day today. It started with my alarm at 5:15am and am now headed to bed at 10:30pm. It was the perfect Saturday!!


  1. Can I just say that you look WAY too young to be a gradma?!!! Just sayin!

  2. Stacie you are so sweet. Thank you!!