Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Grandson!!

Wow, things has been super busy in my family these last few days!! Honestly, who knows what I have eaten the past 48 hours!! I do know that I got in 4 miles on the treadmill last night around 8 to enjoy some Big Brother. Then, I received a text from our oldest daughter letting us know she was at the hospital in active labor and we were going to be grandparents very soon!! How often have you heard of a baby being born on their actual due date??? LOL 

This was taken around 1am. So exciting!! 

So exciting. Our oldest was having a baby! A BOY! We have four daughters!! What do we do with a boy?

Then we all got sleepy!!!

Our daughter Jennifer and husband Ryan. 

Welcome, Tyler Knox. 7pounds, 7ounces 21 inches long.

Proud parents!!

Proud Aunts!!!!

Proud Grandmother:)

Got to get some sleep. Running group in the morning. Hope to get 8 miles in. Will be back to my food journal tomorrow!!


  1. A big congrats to you Teresa! He is beautiful. I only have sisters. My husband only has sisters. We only have boys. Go figure. Just hold his penis down when you change the diaper or you're in for a shower!

    I am very happy for you! I am in my late forties and with my eldest being 15 sometimes I wonder if I'll see this type of moment!

  2. Thanks Stacie. So exciting!!! I will take your advice when I change my first diaper!!

  3. Congratulations! What a wonderful day for you.

  4. Thanks Tess! We could not be more excited!!