Friday, July 27, 2012


I love Fridays!! Looking forward to the weekend. It is a great time to get caught up on things around the house and see the girls and my husband. Our evenings during the week seem to be so busy lately. Everyone has been going in all different directions!!! What happened to relaxing summers???? Just wish I did not have to spend so much time on the weekends getting my chores done! 

Clif & banana.

Kashi cookie.

Lunch. People can say whatever they want about my food choices. I still say it never hurts to eat the same things during the week. My food works for me. I know what makes me feel full. I like knowing the calories in the items I choose. Would I rather enjoy a salad for lunch, instead of the same old almond or peanut butter sandwich? Of course I would, but there is no way I can eat a salad where I work. I tend to save the big salad for dinner a home. I also love protein shakes but never seem to give myself enough time in the morning before work to make them! That is why I always have a bar and banana. I just do what works.

After I got off today I had to take daughter #4 (right), Taylor May to the doctor. She needed to get a few shots before she goes away to college in the fall. She is 18 years old and still sees the pediatrician and she is still afraid to get a shot!

She still managed to rock a paper gown!


Dinner was a foot long veggie with yellow mustard on ww along with a bag of Sunchips. This was so good!! I have my running group in the morning and the plan is for 10 miles. My knee bothered me last Saturday during our 8 miler, so I hope it holds up. I really enjoy the women that I run with. After our run everyone meets up for a bagel. I have not gone for a bagel in several weeks because it always seems like something is going on that I need to get to. Tomorrow, I plan on joining everyone for a bagel. 

Time for the Olympics!!

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