Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meatless Wednesday

After my weigh in this morning, I figured today would be a good day to go meatless. I have been reading Bob Harper's book, The Skinny Rules. Not wild about all his rules. He says there are no exceptions to his rules!! Rule #7- No carbs after lunch!! What??? There is no way I could follow that rule, but Rule #12- Make one day a week meatless. That rule, I can do. 

So far so good with the exception of Rule 7. Most of the rules are common sense for anyone really wanting to loose weight. I am searching for ways to maintain. All good rules to live by! Plus, I love Bob.

This banana looks perfect, doesn't it? Well, it was so brown inside that I only got one bite and had to toss it in the trash. So bummed!! Still enjoyed my Clif.

Don't judge! A co-worker bought this for me today and it was lunch. Chips and guac from Chipotle. The calories are TERRIBLE!!! This is always considered a "treat" for me, but after I finished it, I was totally disappointed. Really not worth the calories. I don't think I will have the craving for this again. Maybe my taste buds are changing perhaps?????

My afternoon snack was a 100 calorie tortilla sprinkled with mini marsh mellows and dark chocolate chips. This is a dinner size plate so it was big. SO SO SO sweet that I could not even finish it!!!

Dinner was a huge salad with two types of beans and fresh veggies. Two slices of wheat french bread and a small bowl of strawberries for dessert.

There you have it, my MEATLESS Wednesday:)



  1. I love your idea for marshmallow choc tortilla. That looks so decadent!

  2. It is really good! I just put it on a cookie sheet then broil it until the chocolate melts and the marsh mellow gets toasted. Then I just fold it over and eat it like a taco. I think I went a little overboard this time!! So sweet!