Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to Work

So hard returning to work after a vacation!! Especially, when it is the end of the month, and everything needs to be closed out. Back to my routine and sometimes that's not so bad.

Back to my usual breakfast. Clif and a banana.

1/4 cup trail mix for a snack.

Lunch was pretty boring. Just a PB sandwich on ww and...

Triscuits. I really need to get to the grocery store.

When I got off work today, I had to stop by the vacuum store. My vacuum had a piece break, and I thought it would just be a simple fix. NOT. I have to buy and entire new hose that leads to the broken piece and it costs $139. I was not prepared for that and said I would have to wait. When I left, I called my husband and we were hoping to find it cheaper online. We did find it, but by the time you add shipping costs, we would have only saved a few dollars. If you know anything about me, I have issues with vacuuming. I seriously vacuum EVERYDAY. So, to be without my vacuum it not so good. When I get off work tomorrow I am heading back to the vacuum store!! Ugh, who wants to spend money on that??? Stinks!

Enjoyed this in the car on my way home. 

 Laughing Cow cheese (35 cal.) and Triscuits while I searched the internet for my vacuum replacement.

Dinner was a nice big salad with veggies, 1 cup lasagna and one slice of french bread.

Yummy strawberries!

After dinner, I hit the treadmill late. The day really got away from me. I did a 3.5 mile walk with the weighted vest on incline. I totally could have pushed myself harder but just didn't. Still a good work out:)


  1. Oh my the re-entry is so hard! Your strawberries look amazing!

  2. The strawberries were so good. Wish I could always pick out a good watermelon! lol