Monday, July 16, 2012

Run & Grad Party!

My Saturday morning started off with an early morning run with my running group.

I got in 7.5 miles in the rain. I loved running in the rain. It has been SO warm and SO humid that it felt refreshing! Then it was time to head home. We were having a graduation party for the girls and I had lots to do. I could have easily skipped the group since there was so much to be done, but this is a lifestyle. Just because things are going on around me, I still have to allow time for me.

John, Taylor (graduated HS), Kelsey (graduated UMD- criminal justice major and she has just been hired at a law firm) and Me. So proud of daughter's 3 & 4. We no longer have kids in school. Our youngest, Taylor, will be heading off to college in the fall.


I made these graduation boards for each of my girls when they graduated HS. It is a fun way for everyone to see their school pictures from preK thru their senior year. I also included their class pictures from elementary school. All their friends enjoy the pictures too. I also make a "senior" album that includes everything that went on during their senior year. Yes, I would take a picture of their "first day" of their senior year too!! If you do not have a senior yet, just wait!! It is the most expensive and busiest year!

They have grown up so fast.

We always have to rent tables and chairs. We are blessed to know someone that owns a huge tent that we were lucky enough to borrow. I think we had about 80 people. Luckily, the weather cleared and we enjoyed some sunshine, great food, awesome family and friends and lots of corn hole!!

It was a great celebration!!! It was a very long day that ended very late. I hardly ate at all because I was just so busy entertaining and making sure everyone had what they needed. It was a great day!!

Sunday, I totally crashed. NO exercise and a NAP was much needed. It was all worth it:)

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