Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clean Eating

The weather has been very HOT in Maryland!! Friday evening several strong storms moved through the area, causing several thousand residents to loose electricity. Thankfully, when we returned from vacation late Saturday afternoon, we still had electricity, but more importantly, we had AC!! Many residents have been told that it may take up to 7 days for it to be restored!! 

My Sunday morning started off bright and early. I always feel better when everything is unpacked and laundry done, so this morning I got everything back in its place, and I could start my day.

My husband had plans to take the puppy, Amos, down to the river on our boat. He wanted to see how this little guy would like it. Word has it that he loved it and that makes for a happy hub!

Since Saturday was a rest day for me, I wanted to hit the road runnin. I knew I needed to go early with the heat, but was not expecting it to be as warm as it was. I was glad I took water with me. I had wanted to get in 5 miles, but cut it back to 3.5.

After I got back, I took a quick shower and made myself breakfast.

Two slices of whole wheat toast with all natural PB, sprinkled with chia seeds.

 How cute is my chia jar. I purchased this at Anthropologie. I think it is so cute that I may buy another one:)

Lunch was a big salad that I topped with black beans, 2% cheese and tortilla strips. 

After lunch I had a few errands to do and I did not mind some alone time! I hit up Ulta (why, oh why, do I continue to return to that store when they are always out of the products I need!!) Then I stopped by Target to get a few things and picked up a bag of trail mix. I opened this in the car and had just a few handfuls. A serving size is 1/4 cup and I could have eatin half of the bag if I wasn't careful.

For dinner I made some of my own hummus. It was pretty good and I enjoyed a few Triscuits with it.

I also enjoyed a nice salad (cucumber from my garden!) and a ground turkey soft taco. Nothing great but filling. I was surprised that I did not even finish the salad. I just wasn't hungry. I really focused today on eating clean and trying to stay away from processed foods. On vacation we ate all our meals in except for pizza one night, but I really had too much candy (tootsie rolls, swedish fish, taffy) if you remember! Well, my vacation is over and now is time for sugar detox!!

Now for some exciting news!! Daughter #2, Kaitlyn Marie, got engaged Thursday night!! She is 23 years old and a project accountant. Brent, her fiance, is an engineer and they both graduated from the University of Maryland. We are so excited for them!! 

Back to work tomorrow!!


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