Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tennis Thursday

Today has been so beautiful outside!!!!! I was excited all day about my plans this afternoon to play tennis with my girlfriend Lisa. The weather could not have been more perfect and my day could not have gone any slower!

The usual but it works for me.

Lunch. The calories are terrible and all I get are the chips and quac.

Pre tennis snack.

 Starbucks lost power today so that were serving on the sidewalk! Beautiful day for a free drink:)

Glad we reserved a court because it was busy at the country club today!!

The pool is open!! Maybe next time.... We had a great time playing tennis but reality was calling and we needed to get home.

Dinner was a streak fajita with lots of peppers and fresh guac with a side of Alexia onion rings.

My husband was working late so my daughter Taylor suggested more tennis!! So we headed to the high school.

We played for about an hour and she is an amazing player. She gave me some great pointers:) I love playing but definitely have room for improvement!! Once I got home I ran a quick mile for my Running Streak challenge.

I enjoyed a few fresh strawberries before heading up to bed. So much going on this weekend. Running group Saturday morning and 2 graduation parties Saturday afternoon. Then my daughters baby shower Sunday:) Family time all weekend!!!

AM Run???

My hopes of an early morning run did not work out. A daughter and I had planned to go, but we just could not get it together!! I really wanted to get my workout done and out of the way since we had a graduation to attend in the evening. I hate that feeling when you want to run but don't want to run because you know you will have to take another shower! Determined, I quickly changed into some running clothes and put dinner in the oven. I planned to run 4 miles and had everything timed out. Win win.

When I got home I made myself a banana/strawberry/ice smoothie. 
It does not get any better!!! 

During my run, I had to stop and say hi to these guys. The last few times I have just given them a wave so I felt bad. They are so friendly.

Dinner was a salad with lots of veggies no cheese. Salad size plate.

Lasagna and one slice french bread plain. Salad size plate.

8pm graduation and my confused looking husband! LOL We got home late and I ate a handful of almonds when I should have just gone up to bed!! Super excited about my weekend:)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Treadmill Tuesday

Today after work, I had a hair appointment to get some highlights. By the time I got home the stormy weather was fast approaching. So I had to scratch the idea of an outside run and hit the treadmill instead. Day two of the Running Streak and I got in another 3.5 miles.


Lunch was PB on ww, string cheese and Triscuits.

Ate this Zone bar on the way to my hair appointment. Really good.

100 calorie popcorn while dinner was cooking.

Dinner was a hamburger with fresh guac and a wedge of skinny cow cheese, Alexia wedge fries.


We had some bad stormy weather tonight. Glad my family is all safe and tucked in bed sleeping. Now I am off to bed. Daughter #3 wants to go for a run in the morning with me!! My nephew is graduating high school tomorrow night, so running after work is going to be out of the question.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Today, I started the Runners World Summer Running Streak. The streak starts Memorial Day and goes until Independence Day and all you need to do is run at least one mile each day! How cool is that? I am always up for a challenge and this will just motivate me to continue running even more. I waited until 7 pm tonight to get my run in since the weather has been very hot and humid. Even at that time of the day, I questioned what I was doing! The air was heavy and hot. I started out thinking I would do 5 miles but turned back early and did 3.5. When I was finished I enjoyed a nice cool shower:)

My daughter celebrated her 18th birthday Sunday and several of her friends spent the night. Another daughter was driving up to Dunkin Donuts to get a dozen for the girls and I went along for the ride. I grabbed a banana on the go.

In order to afford eating said donuts I grabbed old faithful.

Lunch was leftover pork, string cheese and corn chips (several helpings).

I was craving something sweet in the afternoon so I made myself one of these. So good! I had seen a post by Lexi on firelitesfire and she had made these so I figured I would give them a try. Good and so low in calories. I just used one tortilla (50 calories) and sprinkled on marsh mellows and dark chocolate chips. Then I put it in the oven on broil to melt the toppings.This is a small salad size plate. I just folded it over like a taco. Thanks Lexi. 

Dinner was a foot long wheat veggie with yellow mustard and no cheese. Before we walked out the door I grabbed a bag of chips and drinks. My top is down on the wrangler so we found a shaded spot and ate in the car. I tried to resist the chips but ended up having way too many:(

After dinner I went for my run then showered. I was wanting a treat since everyone in my house was eating leftover birthday cake, so I made a banana and choc PB frosty.

Powdered PB is so low in calories and nice to add to smoothies. 

Well, my holiday weekend flew by. A pig roast Saturday and a cookout and birthday party Sunday. Both days were enjoyed by lots of family and friends. My Memorial Day was full of errands, laundry and housework. It feels good to get caught up.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Humid Saturday!

My Saturday started off early! I wanted to get my run in before it got too hot. It was already so humid at 8 in the morning. My running group was not meeting since it was the holiday weekend, so I went to a favorite running spot of mine. I have not been to this park since last fall so it was a nice change. A paved 2.6 mile trail that goes around a lake. Much of it is shaded by the trees! I ran the path twice and I was HOT. Another plus is there are large water coolers and cups provided at 2 different locations along the path. 

Before I left for my run I ate a banana and half of this Clif bar.

This is one end of the lake. So many runners out. I was inspired by strangers with one thing in common, running:)

After two laps and 5 miles I was a hot mess. When I got back to my car I finished off the other half of my Clif bar. Then I was off to Target before heading home to shower. I got plenty of stares as to why my face was bright red and a wet tank top. I did not care! I got in a great workout and gas is too expensive to drive back!!

It was after 1 by the time I got home, and all I wanted to eat was waffles. Everyone else was out of the house so I make myself a stack!


I did some Memorial Decorating and a few more things done around the house. Then we were off to a graduation/ pig roast party. It was a 4pm and though it was warm, the humidity was awful. Seriously bad hair day in MD!!!

I hope this picture does not offend anyone!!

Everyone was enjoying their pork on large rolls but I passed on that. I went back for seconds and enjoyed a small brownie.

We had a fun night that ended with fireworks. Sunday is my youngest daughters birthday. She will be 18 years old. My brother is having a cookout and we are expecting company for dinner around 5. Weekends are so busy this time of year.