Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting FASTER!

I set another PR!!!! Super excited and the race could not have gone better!!! Managed to get a great night sleep before the alarm at 5:15. Everything was all laid out the night before so it was smooth sailing out the door.

Pre race food in the car. Only managed half the banana. The drive to the race was only about 30 minutes. There was a big backup to park in the grassy fields, but we had plenty of time to spare. 7500 runners today!

The weather was cloudy and overcast with some sprinkles. Perfect weather to run. I started in a long line for the porta johns, when a gentleman approached us and said to follow him. He unlocked the side door of another building where there was a beautiful, spotless, amazing bathroom!! I was able to use this bathroom 3 times before the race with the start line just a few yards away. Seriously, it does not get any better then that!!!! 

The course was awesome. So many in the community came out to cheer us on. The half miler ran us through downtown Frederick and neighboring communities. The volunteers were amazing! They had plenty of water stops. I even saw several residents had signs saying we could use their bathroom in their home!

Even though it was cloudy and misty, it was very HUMID. I had my hair in a braided ponytail and I had sweat dripping off the braid down my back. 

Running is so mental for me. Just talking to myself the entire time to keep going. I was amazed how great I felt even though I had run a half just a week ago.  

I still can't believe that I PRd again!!!!!! My Garmin said 2:19 but my official race time was 2:20. That is 3 minutes faster then last week and my best half time so far:) I think my average was 10:32 mm.

Jess and I ran together for about the first 7 miles! She got tired of running with the old lady and set out for her own PR! Jess ran the Marine Corp Marathon in the fall. My inspiration. 

Notice all my metals?? 
Running two halfs in a week makes me a Titanium Girl :)

My husband enjoyed my free beverage coupons! I was excited to see him along the course at mile 3. 

The food after the race was awesome and provided by Wegmans again. The food rocked. Plenty for all the runners and there were no lines. After running 13.1 miles you do not want to stand in a line!! I had a banana and half a plain bagel with plenty of water.

We stopped for breakfast on our way home at a cute diner near our home. I had a vegetarian omelet without cheese and two slices of ww toast.

The weather for the rest of the day continued to be cloudy. A perfect day for a nap. While I napped the family ordered some pizza.
Super thin crust veggie. So good but not super hungry.

Found these in the cabinet today!! Nice single serving size bag:)

Dinner ended up being another slice of pizza. 

Enjoyed some tootsies tonight!! Not sure why but I was craving sugar:)

A nice warm bath and comfy pjs round out my great day. Sleeping with my compression socks on for sure. Plan to do some foam rolling before I hit the bed and watch Amazing Race!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. awesome! you look so fit and healthy :)

  2. Congratulations on your race!! :) Love that you PR'd again! So awesome!! It's fun seeing all of your FOOD posts... makes me think I'm not too crazy! ;) Haha!! Your blog is awesome!

  3. Thanks Lexy! I love your blog too!