Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mashed What???

Awesome Wednesday! Glad the weather held out and we did not get any storms they were calling for!! I will start with "what I ate today."

Breakfast. Only ate HALF the banana.
Ate these for breakfast too!!

Mid morning snack, 1 cup Kashi GoLean cereal.

Lunch, PB on fresh bakery crushed wheat bread, string cheese, triscuits and Jello pudding.

For dinner I steamed cauliflower.

Put in blender.

I then added some light sour cream and pepper.

Dinner was so good!! Oven stuffer roaster, 1 slice wheat bread, edamame and "mashed potatoes!"
They turned out so good!!! My husband was not as thrilled with the "mashed potatoes" as I was but he ate them:) My plate is a salad size.

I worked until 2 today and went home quick to change into my running clothes. I managed to get a 3.5 mile run in at the HS before my youngest daughter, Taylor's, tennis match. My run felt great!

The "seniors" were recognized today!

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