Monday, May 7, 2012

Hot Pink Socks

I feel really good today!! Just a little sore but not bad at all. I wore my compression socks to work today!

I should probably get a black pair!! 

My usual weekday breakfast.

Morning snack. Reminds me of being a kid:)

Lunch was triscuits, string cheese and...

PB sandwich on ww.

Makes a great dessert!

Late afternoon snack of string cheese and strawberries.

Hard boiled eggs for the week. A nice "go to" food.

Beef stew for dinner! Now it just needs to simmer:)

So good! Added a slice of ww french bread with butter.

Banana frosty for after dinner treat!!

My race metals!! 2 -10 milers and 5 halfs- along with many 5k, 10ks and trail runs:) I am ready to sign up for my trails runs that I have done the past two summers!!


  1. you are just glowing and I love it! compression socks are a life saver for me too. i wear them every night! love all your medals and your beef stew looks amazing! so comforting.

  2. Woohoo kalli I can reply to a comment from my office computer, so it must be my laptop at home!! I will have to check the setting again. Thanks for all your kind comments and encouragement!