Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Love Friday

First things first!! I want to give a shout out to Kalli at fitandfortysomething. She mentioned my blog as one of her new favorites!! I am inspired by everything she does and have loved reading her blog, so go check it out!! Thanks again Kalli.

What I ate today is pretty typical and not too exciting but am going to show it anyway.


 Mid morning snack

Lunch PB on ww, string cheese, triscuits and sugar free pudding.

Rushed out of work at 2pm to get to Taylor's tennis match. Found this sample bar that was in the bottom of my purse. I picked it up at my last race expo. 

Went back home between tennis matches (all day tournament) and John grabbed us Subway. Mine was 6 inch turkey, provolone, lettuce and cucumber. I added fresh quac and yellow mustand. Also a small serving of BBQ chips.

Back to tennis to see Taylor's last match of the day and she won!! Tournament continues Saturday morning! It was after 8 by the time we got home and grabbed some sweat shirts for a bonfire at my sister's house. My niece and nephew are home from college so it was a nice kickoff to summer!!

Who needs smores when you have a KIND bar?? LOL

I was hoping to get in an easy run today, but things just did not work out as planned. I am totally fine with that. My knee feels good and my legs feel rested. Saturday is packet pickup for my half on Sunday so I have another early morning!! Happy Friday:)

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