Saturday, May 5, 2012

Packet Pickup Sat

Got up super early to get a few things done around the house before getting to the race expo at 10. I wanted to go right when they opened and get in and out!

Breakfast was 3 eggs but only one yoke and a slice of ww toast with butter.

Got there right when they opened and it was crowded already!!

Small expo but crowded. Well organized and I managed to get in and out within 10 minutes!

I once again was given a race bracelet. Since I ran the Iron Girl last Sunday and the Frederick Half tomorrow, I will get an additional metal. The Titanium Girl. This bracelet shows that I ran both.

After the expo I hit up Starbucks for my tea and a spinach wrap! 290 calories. 

Lunch. Carbs:)

Our neighbors invited us over. They had some amazing Mexican food but I was too afraid to eat it before the race tomorrow. I had some chips and guac.

Plus cake! 

When I got back home I started to get myself organized for tomorrow. Check out my race jacket!!!

So glad I ordered a small. Fits perfect!

Dinner was more carbs...

Well, I have my Garmin and ipod charging and my race clothes laid out. Tomorrow is gonna be warm! Glad the race starts at 7am. I am not putting any pressure on myself for this race. I WON this entry so I am in it to have fun and enjoy the town of Frederick, MD :)

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  1. Oh I hope you did well today! You look so great and I love the jacket.