Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!! Hope everyone enjoyed their day. I was up early today to get my day started. Two of my daughters treated me to Dunkin this morning. They are coffee crazy!! I enjoyed a bagel in the car since I was still in my pjs!!

We enjoyed people watching while we ate in the car. So many dads with all the kids bringing home coffee and donuts to mom! Enjoyed some time with them just hanging out. My husband had a few things to take care of this morning, so when we got back to the house I went for a quick run. Wish I had my visor on. The sun was warm! It was nice to get in 5 miles. We are suppose to get rain over the next few days, so I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful weather. 

Enjoyed some pineapple after my run.

When I got back, my oldest daughter was over. So nice to have all 4 girls home. We sat out back talking and enjoying each others company. We decided it was so nice out that we should make burgers on the grill. While they went to the store and I headed for the shower. 

Mother's Day 2012

The girls got me my favorite perfume!!! 

Enjoyed chips and salsa while we waited for the burgers. 

John and my son in law arrived back home and fired up the grill.

Lunch was so good!! 

My husband gave me the cutest card.

Love him. He really knows how to make a 45 year old feel good:)

I enjoyed a lot of watermelon. I LOVE it. My daughter Jennifer even brought me one today!

Dinner was leftover burgers and chips.


The weekends go by SO SO fast!!! I did not get much housework done this weekend. Not the way I like to start off my Mondays. Early dentist appointment in the morning so I am ready to hit the sack!!

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  1. i know the weekends go way too fast! glad you had a great day. you are have a great family and you look so fabulous!