Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy Tuesday

Rained all day today! We could use it so I am not complaining:)

Breakfast was the usual but I added a hard boiled egg.


Lunch was the usual.

Afternoon snack. These are very filling!

Watermelon was so good that I filled this bowl up twice!

Dinner was a meat burger on a ww bun with mustard/mayo and Alexia onion rings.

Starting next week, I have so much going on for the next few months!! Daughter Kelsey is graduating from UMD (woohoo we will have 3 college grads! 1 more to go!) and our youngest daughter is graduating HS!! I have 3 nephews graduating this year as well as our oldest daughter having a baby!!! So many graduation parties coming up along with a baby shower and a few weddings to attend. All very exciting stuff but a perfect time to say, "I am too busy to exercise!" or "I don't have time to make dinner, let's just eat out!" Well, I say MAKE the time!! Exercise is absolutely the best thing you can do for stress and your body will thank you for eating well :)

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