Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mammogram and the Dermotologist

So, today I scheduled some very important appointments. First up was my annual mammogram. I am faithful about going every year and thankfully I had not had any problems. I love that I can schedule these appointments early in the morning so I do not have to miss any work.

Love the small dressing room mirrors! Oh, and my bra and tops hanging. The blue robe was a nice color:) Once I was done there I headed to the building across the street to visit my dermatologist. I had not been in 3 years!  I was just a little concerned but after a thorough body check (crazy how they even check your scalp and between your toes) I was given the all clear.  My doctor said to keep up the faux tan (lol) and they would see me in a year! Woohoo.

After my appointments I stopped by a local Starbucks for my much deserved green tea.

I ate my breakfast on the way to the office.

 Went to the Starbucks next to my office for a refill and grabbed lunch. Spinach wrap and popcorn.

My late afternoon snack was a banana and almond butter. This is so good. Was surprised how much I enjoyed it. 

Dinner was chilli. I used ground turkey, diced tomatoes and several different kind of beans. I ate this bowl and went back for just a little more! I also had 2 slices of wheat french bread. Good and filling.

Dessert was strawberries. Lots of good strawberries. Wow, I got off track with my eating on Sunday and Monday. Today has been better but it has been hard!! After dinner I really wanted to go for a run but my husband asked if I wanted to go for a walk. No way was I going to turn him down if he freely wants to get some exercise. He has a lot of stress at work and walking would do him some good. We walked for about 45 minutes and did 2.5 miles. Not enough of a calorie burning workout for me but I enjoyed our time. Tomorrow a five miler is on the agenda!!

Get your mammograms ladies!!!

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