Sunday, May 20, 2012

Prom and a Wedding

Busy fun Saturday!! I skipped my running group today because the one girl I run with the most, was not able to make it. I chickened out! Too afraid to be paired up with a  faster runner. I have to get over that and I should have gone to just challenge myself. There is always next week!! So I was up and out early with John to do a few errands. Since John was with me, our first stop was one of his favorite diners.

Breakfast was a veggie omelet no cheese with plain english muffin.

After our errands, I went out for a 5 mile run. The sun was bright and I was glad I had my visor. If I had more time I would have run further but I had a wedding to get ready for and a daughter that was going to prom!

Lunch was a 6inch veggie sub with pepper jack and yellow mustard with a side of baked chips.

 Ready for the wedding...

The wedding was at a small church not too far from our house. After the service, it was just a short drive to the reception. It was held at the groom's parents farm. Here are a few pictures from the reception.

They took their metal pole barn and transformed it into a festive reception hall.

Bride and her Dad....
John and I shared some appetizers.

Dinner. Gave John the roll. I wanted a slice of cake!!

Cake was good but I did not eat the icing. 

While we were enjoying ourselves at the wedding, our youngest daughter Taylor was home getting ready for her senior prom. Our last prom for our household!! Taylor is the baby and her 3 older sisters were there to help her get ready. They also took some beautiful pictures!!

 Our youngest daughter, Taylor. Senior prom 2012.

We had a awesome Saturday!! It was a late night for all of us. Sunday, John and I have plans to do some kayaking, since they are calling for another beautiful day!!!

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