Saturday, September 8, 2012

Highlights and Fall

I was happy for Friday. Tough week. My Friday got even better when an opening became available for me to get some highlights and a trim. So, when I got off today at 2, I headed over to let the magic begin.

I have had my hair done by Susan since I was pregnant with daughter #2. I have tried a few other stylist here and there, but I always go back. For 24 years we have seen each other go through a lot. Crazy what we tell our hair stylist!! I love her salon. She owns a large old victorian with a detached garage that she has her salon in. When she started having children, she knew she wanted to be home and make her own schedule.

So much hair and too many foils. Instead of sitting under the dryer, I stepped outside for the sun to do its thing!! 

I went just a little darker heading into fall. So happy to still be dealing with dark roots and not gray roots! Everyone keeps asking if I have any gray yet and I am happy to report a big NO!!!!!

Food journal Friday!!

Late Friday night I got a text from my girlfriend who I was suppose to run with in the morning. She had tripped over her kids toys and thinks she broke her toe!! I felt terrible for her. She is training for a half and if she has a broken toe, then no running for her!!  Makes my sore ankle seem trivial. So, with that I was on my own for my morning long run. I was up way too late Friday, so I got a late start Saturday morning. I decided to go to a park that has a paved path around a lake that is 2.5 miles long. With a bathroom and several water fountains, I thought this would be a good option. Until I arrived....

They were having a Korean Festival today!!!!! I usually am able to park close to the path and leave any items that I may need, but not today. The parking was way off the path. Ugh.

Every 2 miles, lucky me got to run through the festival. Nothing against a Korean Festival but the smell of the foods they were preparing was hard to stomach. It was warm and humid!! This is a very hilly park and it proved to be challenging today. I honestly think that I run better with friends now then alone.

These pics are foggy from the humidity. The day was really pretty and so many runners were out enjoying the day. Today was the first time that I had tried a GU. I had a vanilla and I had no trouble getting it down. It honestly tasted like pudding. No tummy trouble later on so I will try a few on my next long run. Around mile 9, I caught up with another runner who I had passed several times. She had to be doing a long training run. She was prepared with her fuel belt and Gu. I got the nerve to run up beside her. I must have been super lonely to do this but have you ever noticed how friendly other runners are?? Her name was April and she was training for the Baltimore half. We ended running and chatting for the next mile before she ended her run. She was so sweet!! She runs there frequently so I hope to see her again.

I was suppose to run 16 miles, but my body wanted to stop at 12. I caved and let it!! I would never had stopped if I were with my running girls. I would have hung in there but running alone for over 2 hours can make you crazy!! Starbucks was calling my name and I knew it was just a short drive down the road!! 

Do you darken your blonde for fall??

What is your favorite GU flavor??



  1. Love your blog! Great job on the 12 miles. I'm training for a half marathon (in 2 weeks. Eeek!), and I would rather do my long runs alone! My shorter runs I like running with a friend. When I'm alone I can go at my own pace, don't have to be slowed down, and I just listen to my music and have a blast! I've never had GU, I'm sure they would really help though!

  2. I honestly did not feel any different after taking the GU! I kept waiting for it to "kick" in! I will try them again next weekend. Good luck on your half!!!!!

  3. My favorite GU is vanilla and peanut butter...yum!

    Is your hairdresser Susan in Gaithersburg? If so, what a small world. She has done my hair in the past. I'm originally from Mt. Airy. I recently moved to the Salisbury area about 15 months ago and love it here. I discovered your blog through Skinny Runner (she makes me laugh).

    Congrats on the 12 miles :) I did 10 miles this morning and the weather was perfect!

    Happy running :)

  4. Crazy small world! First off I love Skinny Runner. So funny and FAST!!! It has to be the same Susan!! Our youngest daughter goes to SU and I work in Mt. Airy!! Today was gorgeous!!! Good job on your 10 miles. Do you run alone or with friends. Until a few months ago I was always a solo runner but then I joined a running group and I love it!!

  5. I think it is the same Susan. The salon looks familiar. She is so sweet.

    I run solo 99.9% of the time. I am meeting with the Ocean City Running Club this week for a track workout. I haven't experienced a long run with anyone. Not sure how I feel about it. I don't even listen to music when I run. I should try it at least once. What do you like most about it?

    I will be coming your way again for the Frederick Turkey Trot in November. It has been a tradition for a few years. My sister lives in Monrovia and we celebrate Thanksgiving at her house.

    I hope you have a great week.

    1. I love Susan too!! Crazy small world. I have done the turkey trot a few times in Frederick but this past year I found one closer to home! I love traditions!! I hope you enjoy the running group!! Let me know what you think....

  6. I love your hair! I'm actually trying to figure out what shade to do for fall. Do you have lowlights?

    1. Yes, I usually get two colors. Blonde and a brown. I like the look. My roots are pretty dark now. I usually go darker in the fall/winter months and then really lighten it up for Spring!!!