Friday, June 1, 2012

Terrible Tornado

We have had some crazy bad weather here in MD! Several tornado warnings, heavy rain, power outages, wind and lots of damage in the area. Thankfully, we only had wind and heavy rain but no downed trees or damage. Lets just say, I ran on my treadmill today. It is after 10 pm and it is still pouring. Hopefully, tomorrow the sun will shine and dry everything out. I have my running group in the morning and 2 graduation parties in the late afternoon. Busy busy.

Works for me.

Morning snack. 100 calories kettlecorn.

Ingredients for my lunch. No bad if you measure everything out. Tortilla 50 calories, 1/4 cup pizza sauce 40 calories, turkey pepperoni 70 calories (17 slices), 2% cheese 1/4 cup 80 calories. I also added onion and tomato. I figured I could use 2 tortillas and split the ingredients on each pizza for a total of 290 cal. Not bad!

This is one on a dinner size plate.

Late afternoon snack and I was not even hungry. Must be my theme for the day!

Nervous energy eating!! The storm was bad and I just paced around the house looking outside eating these. I did not measure them out and ate right from the bag!! Why??????

Ate one hard boiled egg just because.

Yep, this was dinner. A frozen pizza. Simple and easy dinner if we ended up losing power. Embarrassed to admit that this was dinner. I added the turkey pepperoni. This is a salad size plate and I had another slice too. Not happy with all of my food choices.

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