Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graduation and a Puppy!

My Friday was crazy busy!!!! First of all, I had to work and eat :)

Breakfast banana and Clif.

Snack almonds.


Afternoon snack Zone bar.

When I got home I grabbed a string cheese and a few pepperoni slices.

Then I got into the whole grain Wheat Thins!! Why?? We were super excited to go pick up our new puppy! It was just nervous, excited munching. Wasted calories!!!!!

Here he is!! My husband's new dog. We have a yellow lab, Nitro, who is 9. My husband was hoping he would be a hunting dog. Crazy, but our lab neither retrieves or likes water!!! Nitro is the PERFECT family dog!! He is so sweet and laid back. John has been wanting a Chesapeake Bay Retriever for a long time now and things just have a way of being meant to be!! I will post more on the new puppy tomorrow. 

Our youngest daughter, Taylor was graduating high school tonight and we needed to get dinner on and get ready!! All while playing with a puppy!!

I quickly made whole wheat spaghetti, ground turkey with basil sauce. Really good! This is a salad size plate. No bread for me.

There she is, Taylor! The baby of the family. Graduated with honors. 

My silly daughters. They have all made us so proud.

John and I with the grad.

Sweet girl.

It was a very late night. Enjoyed some strawberries before heading up to bed. Early morning with my running group so I needed to get some sleep!!

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