Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Eats

I started off my morning with a banana.

John made me an egg, light English muffin and a slice of ham. I love Sunday!

1/4 cup trail mix.

Lunch was turkey, Swiss, lettuce, light mayo on ww. I also enjoyed a bag of 150 cal. chips.


I enjoyed several bowls of watermelon and strawberries. So good. The watermelon seriously tasted like candy. I know I ate way too much of it today but it was so good.

Once again dinner started with a huge salad full of veggies.

Dinner was London broil with 2 slices of french bread.

Could you resist??? LOL

Today was another awesome day. I enjoyed a 3 mile run again tonight then jumped on my bike for a few miles. Great workout to start off my week!

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