Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Time!

So much goes on at the end of the school year, especially if you have a graduating senior. Our house has two graduating seniors. Our third daughter graduated from UMD a few weeks ago and our youngest daughter graduates from high school on Friday night. It seems like there is always an award show, banquet or end of the year ceremony every night!!!! Not to mention all the graduation parties to attend on the weekends. This makes for a jam packed calendar. I think after this week, things are going to settle down around here. There is so much I need to get caught up with around the house, and I hope to get started on that this weekend!!

Someone loves me at Starbucks this morning:)



Snack around 2pm.

100 calorie pretzels. I had to rush to my neighbors this afternoon. We all thought that she might be going into labor but it was a false alarm. While getting her boys off the bus and listening for their youngest to wake from a nap, I spotted these on their kitchen table. I NEVER buy pretzels. I would plow through these if they were in my house. Proud of myself for counting out a serving size.

Back at my house and I made myself a treat and I knew I was NOT hungry. Why???

 We had an awards show to get to tonight so dinner was super easy.  I made myself an omelet (1 egg/ 2 egg whites) with light cheese and turkey bacon. I also had a thin bagel 110 calories/  little butter. So good!!!

Off to the senior awards show.

The awards show was over 2 hours long!!!! Walked in the door at almost 10pm. I should have just headed up to bed but I grabbed one of these. I never usually eat anything past 7 :(

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