Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Do I?

Today was absolutely beautiful and most of the day was spent outside.

Breakfast. I kept it safe with what I know. I enjoyed my Clif and banana. It was chilli this morning so I was glad to have my AE fannels.

Morning snack 1/4 cup trail mix.

Lunch was turkey, swiss, light mayo, lettuce on ww bread along with....

150 cal. chips.

Enjoyed these for dessert.

2 hours later I enjoyed some Swedish fish.

Around 4:30 we got back to the house and I grabbed a plate put some Triscuits with a slice of swiss and popped in the microwave. John shared these with me. Then Kelsey made some fresh guac but we all ate it so quickly there was no time for a picture!

I seriously went to town on these!! Then I had a few more cookies, like several. When it was time to eat dinner I just gave up. I fed the family but was not that hungry and really did not feel that well. 

 So I ended up just eating this for dinner. The only almond butter I will eat is justin's. So good on a banana.

About an hour later, I was ready for my run. The rest of the family have been riding their bikes enjoying the evening, while I get in 3 miles. When we meet back at the house, I hop on my bike to get a few more miles in. Tonight, at about mile 2, I just quit! I ended up finishing with a run/walk. The evening was cool and beautiful and could not have been better conditions for a run and here I was walking! My husband rides his bike up beside me and says, "Why are you walking?" I was walking because I have eaten CRAP!!!! 

Once I was back at the house and in my PJs the fun did not stop. While watching CRAP tv (housewives, teen mom) I started eating more CRAP. I can say that there are no more swedish fish, cookies or trail mix in the house!! 


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