Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back in the Game

Today has been awesome. The weather has been beautiful the past few days and perfect conditions for running. Tonight I got in a great 4 mile run. I also enjoy the fields of corn coming up that I run past. I love summer:)

Breakfast. It works for me during my work week. Easy and filling.

Lunch. PB on ww, string cheese and Triscuits. This also works for me. I only work until 2pm each day. I do not get a real lunch break so I have to eat at my desk with patients coming in.

Protein bars work for me because it is a control amount of food. 

Excited that I controlled my portion size with the watermelon today.

Date night with my husband at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It started with chips and salsa but I was so proud of my self control tonight. I enjoyed them but just a few.

Dinner was chicken fajitas. I made myself two and enjoyed the rice and beans. John finished the rest. Love date night. So nice to go out for an early dinner alone. We have been crazy busy lately so this was a nice treat.

When we got home I finished this off!! Still have a small sugar craving. This watermelon tasted so good. Like candy. I love when that happens!!

Should have thought about that watermelon before I headed out for my run tonight!! I could feel the water jiggling in my tummy!!!

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