Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Possible

I am here to say that it is possible. It is possible to have a weekend where you totally overeat, but then you can gain control again. So, if you had a crazy out of control weekend overeating, it is possible to get right back in the game!! I read a blog somewhere months ago, and they wrote about a "reset" button. How we all have one. We just need to use it!!!! Today, I used mine. I woke up feeling out of control and just not too happy with myself. Since Friday, I have not made the best food choices. Mostly, because I was tired and did not feel like going to the store. It is SO important to have a well stocked pantry/refrigerator filled with awesome food. I really need to start going to the store on Thursdays after work. This way I will have more control over my weekends.

Happy to have my usual breakfast today. Clif bar and banana. Am I the only one that eats a lot of the same foods?? I feel in control and know the calories. Makes it easy.

Morning snack of almonds. Floss sticks are a must after eating these:)

Lunch was PB sandwich on ww, string cheese and Triscuits.

Afternoon snack was a Kashi bar. I loved this! If I had a bag of trail mix in the house, I would never eat just a serving size. Found these at Target the other day and figured I would give them a try.

Dinner was ww spaghetti and Newman's Own organic sauce. I also had a plain light English muffin. Salad size plate. Filling and good.

         A package arrived today, but I have to wait until June 30 to share it with you guys!!                                     

After dinner I got a few things done around the house then headed downstairs to hit the treadmill. I wore the weighted vest and walked with an incline. I did a nice easy 4 miles. Awesome sweaty workout.

So happy that I hit my RESET button today!!

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