Friday, June 22, 2012

Color Me Lucky

I have had the best week ever!! So many exciting things happening to this blogger:) First things first: this morning I got up and did an hour long workout on the treadmill. I wore my weighted vest, walking using different speeds and inclines, all the while watching a little of the Today Show. I knew I had a lot going on today so I figured if I did not workout this morning it would not happen. So glad I did!!

Breakfast. I love a good Clif bar:)

1/4 cup trail mix.

Lunch was the usual.

After work I enjoyed Newman's Own Peanut Butter Cups. They were VERY good! 

I threw dinner together tonight. I had a few sweet potatoes that I sliced up and then baked. We had leftover chicken from last night mixed with peppers and onions on a 100 calorie tortilla. I love quick and easy meals. My husband enjoyed a salad but I did not feel like one tonight.

I had a busy afternoon getting things done around the house. Plus, I got some of my packing started! I love vacations. Wish the entire family could come, but now that these college graduates have REAL jobs, they have a hard time taking off work!!

I love running at the beach!! It is one of the things I look forward to most. My husband rides his bike while I enjoy a good run. Boardwalk running is so fun too! 

I wanted something sweet and this worked well for me tonight, but then I wanted something salty.....

Handful of almonds. I hate eating after 7pm but I felt like it!!

So, on to my exciting blog week: first skinnyrunner shared a picture of me on her blog (seriously, over 1200 hits on my blog that day) and today I WON color me rad 5k entry from happyfitmama!!! I won 2 entries!!! Super excited! When I entered, I told my daughter Kelsey how cool this race was and if I did win, she was running it with me! When I logged on this morning to see that I had won, I raced to her room waking her up so excited to tell her!! It will be fun to post pictures of this race. Can't wait:)

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