Friday, June 29, 2012

One More Day of Vaca

Excited for our oldest daughter and her husband to arrive at the beach tonight! Even though she is due with her first baby on July 20, she insisted she still wanted to come. We hope to spend a few hours on the beach tomorrow. Check out is Saturday at 11am so we will be up and out early. Until then, I am going to enjoy the rest of my Friday!

Breakfast, bagel with light cc and a banana. So happy that we are just a few miles from a Starbucks!

We would head to Starbucks each morning for my tea and my husband and daughters coffee. I always got an extra tea to go and would put in the cooler to enjoy on the beach. Lets just say it got rather expensive! I will be happy to just get it from my refrigerator at home!!

Did not feel like lunch yet so I just enjoyed my Clif.

Lunch around 2 was a chicken salad sandwich on ww.

160 calories.

I have a problem! No, its called a vacation:)

I figured since we are leaving tomorrow, I would post some pics of where we are staying!! 
Bethany Beach, DE

Love this beach community. We have stayed here several times and keep coming back. Bethany Beach is just a few miles north of Ocean City, MD. It is about 3 hours from our house. So, all my blogger friends who live on the west coast, who can run along the beach each day, I am forever jealous!!!

Plus, my husband truck fits!!

The neighborhood is perfect for running, its FLAT!! It is just over 3 miles long if you run all the streets. There is also plenty of shaded areas if you wanted to stay out of the sun. On Wednesdays run, I stuck with the main road in and out of the community, because it is all shade. My run was around 4pm and it was pretty warm.

 Dinner started with a salad with lots of veggies.

My husband made fresh burgers with swiss cheese and I also had a handful of chips.

We all enjoyed this bowl of beautiful strawberries for dessert.

I am off to go for a run. It may end up being a walk with the heat. I am excited to post tomorrow! I have it all prepared and ready to publish. Its Foodie Penpal Reveal Day!!


  1. I can remember when strawberries were not available year round and as a kid it was my favorite dessert! That did not rub off on my kids...which is probably somehow my fault. Enjoy your last day!

  2. Thanks Stacie. I always look forward to all the veggies at the beach too! All the local farmers and produce stands. I will be stopping at one on the way home for corn on the cob and a watermelon:)