Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another Hot One

Wow, today was HOT in MD!! Heat advisory kept me on the treadmill again today.  Had I gone for an early run this morning I would have been okay but I chose sleep instead!

Love the sticker on my banana this morning:)

Ate my Clif once I got to the office.

This is a snack size baggie. I mixed some almonds and dark chocolate chips.

Lunch was PB sandwich on ww, string cheese and Triscuits.

Afternoon snack was a Kashi bar.

When I got home from work I MEASURED out a 1/4 cup of trail mix. Woohoo!

Dinner started with fresh strawberries. We all enjoyed these. They were so good!

Salad with lots of veggies. 

Dinner was chicken with dijon mustard/slivered almonds, Alexia onion rings and a slice of whole wheat french bread (totally not necessary). I did not finish all the chicken because it was pretty big. This is a salad size plate. 

After dinner I got a few things done around the house including laundry, vacuuming and I managed to get one of the bathrooms cleaned. This caused me to get on the treadmill after 8 and I stayed on for an hour. Good workout. Late workout!! 

Super late treat thanks to daughter #3!! Not too bad. I think the bag contains 7 tootsie roll midgees and 120 calories. She was so sweet to surprise me with them so I had to eat them!!!

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