Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Treadmill Workout

Today was a rainy day in MD. Like pouring. So this meant my workout would be inside. Yesterday, I was really tired and just decided to take a rest day. This meant two rest days in a row. I just get panicky if I go more then a day without a workout. I have been working out regularly for over 3 years, but still have days when I worry about "falling off the wagon" so to speak!! I have learned to listen to my body but still some days are harder then others.

Totally out of bananas this morning so it was just my trusty Clif bar.

Morning snack natural almonds.

Lunch. PB on ww, string cheese and Triscuits.

Afternoon snack was a Zone bar.

Stopped by the farmers market with one of my daughters and we both enjoyed a yummy banana.

Along with a few almonds.

For dinner I made myself a few whole wheat waffles and just added sugar free syrup. Should have topped them with strawberries!!!

View from my treadmill. Can my lab, Nitro, get any closer?? I think he is a tad bit jealous of the new puppy! I got on late and watched some of the OC Housewives. I wore my 10lb weighted vest (so nice to just "take off" 10 pounds!!) and walked on an incline. I continued to increase the incline and speed with each lap. This is a great workout if you do not want to run, but want to get a good sweat on! I heard about the weighted vest watching Oprah a few years ago. She had Valerie Bertinelli on her show. She had just lost a large amount of weight and she said that she wore one on the treadmill. I found mine on Amazon. I will post a picture next time. It is comfortable to wear but trust me, 10lbs is a lot of weight to carry around!! Such an eye opener!!!

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