Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reset Button

Glad we all have a reset button. I used mine and it worked!! Just sayin. So nice to feel in control.

Breakfast was half a banana with cc and a banana.

 Life is good!

Lunch was turkey, swiss, lettuce and light mayo on ww bread.

Enjoyed some Chex Mix with my sandwich but just a few handfuls.

Enjoyed a Clif bar around 2.

After we got back to the house and before dinner, I headed out for a run. The sun was strong! I tried to run in the most shady areas I could find, and finished up with 3.5 miles. I headed inside, showered and got ready to go out to dinner.

Heading into the pizza parlor. 

Dinner started out with a house salad.

My first slice.

My second slice:) Then I was done for the day!!

After dinner these guys wanted Dairy Queen. Looks like they enjoyed it. I gave up ice cream 3 years ago and just recently have been enjoying frozen yogurt. 

Before I forget, I have to let you know what I thought of this book, "Heaven Is Here." It was truly a MUST read. As a mom, some parts were hard to read. This is one strong woman!!!!!! Check out her blog, nieniedialogues she is truly an inspiration. I would suggest reading the book first.


  1. total self control! btw you are gorgeous and so is your family!

  2. Thanks kalli. You are so sweet!!