Friday, June 29, 2012

Beachin It

Wow, our vacation has flown by! The weather has been amazing and I have had the best time enjoying with my family. Just our two younger daughters were able to go on vacation with us this year. Crazy when they start leaving the nest and getting real jobs after graduating college. I miss them!

Breakfast. My hubs had breakfast duty this week. He did good!

Then it was time for another long day at the beach.

Lunch was chicken salad sandwich on ww and a banana.

Also had Chex Mix.

Love him.

Enjoyed a Clif around 3.

Dinner was a huge salad with lots of veggies, a slice of swiss cheese and fresh guac. I did not even use the salad dressing. It was so good I did not even need it. I also added a few Triscuits.

Headed out for another run. Happy to say that I have run for the past 6 evenings. Even though I only run for 3 miles, every street in the neighborhood, I then get to hop on my bike afterward and get some added exercise. Tonight, just my husband joined me on his bike while I ran. I thought he looked super lonely so I suggest I head back to the beach house and get my bike and cut my run short. Guess where we biked a few miles to???

Candy Kitchen :) I purchased 1/4 pound of chocolate taffy!

I placed it safely into my bike bag. To dangerous to eat taffy and ride my bike! So many bikers in there that I did not feel weird wearing my bike helmet inside!! I love the beach!!!


  1. you look so good. what an inspiration to me you are. and what a fabulous vacation. i have to that all your hair? or did you get extensions? it is so pretty!

    1. I have been getting that question a lot lately! Yes, this is all my hair! I cannot remember a time when my hair was not long. My husband likes long and so even our daughters all have long hair too!

  2. Beach vacations are the best! Good for you for keeping up with the fitness. I sometimes do well at that and other times not so much...

    1. We have had the best beach weather too! The best part for me about running at the beach is how flat it is:)