Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Windy Wind

I will start my blog off with "what I ate" today. 

Nothing too exciting. I love all the Clif bars but the oatmeal raisin walnut is my fav.

Awesome snack!

Lunch was a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread, strawberries and a Kashi cookie.

Enjoyed this single serving bag before my run.

My youngest daughter had a tennis match at 4 today so I headed up to the HS after work to get in a quick run. My daughter Kelsey was at the house when I stopped by to change and offered to go for a run with me. Win win. Love hanging out with my girls without any distractions (tv, cell, laptop) and going for a run without ipods is a perfect time!! It was a windy run!!! We did 4 miles with some walking breaks due to the heavy wind blowing right at us! Our last mile we did on the HS track and it felt great compared to hard asphalt. 

After our run I had two small pretzels and a big Powerade Zero. After the tennis match (she won) we headed back to the house to make dinner. 

Chicken fajitas, with lots of onions, plus red and green pepper. This is a favorite in our house. I serve on whole wheat tortillas.

Kelsey whipped up some fresh quac with onion and tomato.

I did not fold mine up so you could see how good it looks! I served with a side of rosemary and olive oil quinoa. My plate is a salad size. 

For dessert, fresh strawberries:)

Tomorrow is weigh in Wednesday. Hope the scale reads better this week!

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