Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perfect Hiking Weather

Today when I got off work I met my girlfriend, Colleen, for a late afternoon hike. The weather was amazing!

Don't let this picture fool you. This is a challenging hike and an awesome workout. I love to try and mix things up. I tend to just hit the road running. Hiking allows me to use some different muscle groups to get me up and down some of the rocky trails. It was fun to see deer and people on horseback.

We hiked for a few miles along the water. It was so quiet and peaceful. 

Colleen and I hiked for almost two hours and 5.59 miles! It is amazing how fast the time goes when you are just spending time with a good friend. I would much rather spend my time doing this then meeting up at a Starbucks and sipping coffee (or my fav green tea). 

We changed up the trails we usually do to mix things up, and encountered some challenging hills. After a hike like this, its hard to hit the pavement for some boring asphalt!!

My sweet friend Colleen.

For the last year I have been considering joining a running group, but I have been to afraid that my pace would just be too slow! The running group meets most Saturday mornings and they call it a "bagel run." They  run for an hour or so, then meet back up at the local bagel shop. I am seriously considering joining them this Saturday! Yikes!! I will let you know how it goes. I have some more training to do for my next race!
Super excited about this race!! It is just a few weeks away. I will be running the half. It is only women running!! They offer a 5k coed but how cool to be running with only women?? 


  1. I was thinking of registering for this half...I may see you there! I was checking it out again yesterday :)