Saturday, April 28, 2012

Busy Friday

What a super busy Friday I had! All good, but busy. Guess I will start with my food for the day.



Lunch was PB on whole wheat, string cheese always 2%, triscuits and a Kashi cookie.

Late afternoon snack.

Worked again until 5pm and met daughter #3. Kelsey said she would ride over with me to pick up my race packet. I have the Iron Girl half on Sunday and if I can ever avoid a Saturday race packet pick up day, I do! Always less crowded and more freebies. The race is about 25 minutes from our house and the expo was being held in a local hotel. 

Once you found your name on the board in the lobby it showed your number. You then entered another area to get your bib and timing chip.

Then you entered a narrow hall that wrapped around the main expo. There, you got your shirt and other vendors were advertising their upcoming races. If you know there is a race in the future that you would like to run, the expo is always the cheapest way to go. They always have incentives for signing up now, such as a free tshirt and entry fee discount. 

They also put a race bracelet on me that I cannot take off until after the race on Sunday. No bracelet, no race!

This is the smallest race expo I have ever been to. Not crowded at all and I did not spend any extra money! They did have tshirts for the women doing the 2 halfs a week apart (me!) but they were $25 so I passed.

We got in and out of the expo super fast and headed to the mall for dinner. We were starving and ended up at Panera. 

Figured I would carb up! Dinner was so good! Low fat chicken tortilla soup and Cuban chicken panini. Instead of an apple I ordered the bread, which I did not need, but could use the carbs for Sunday! Will order this again for sure!!

Ann Taylor Loft had everything 40% off and I needed a dress for a wedding in May. Love trying on a size 6! So many pretty dresses to choose from!!!

Kelsey and I decided on this one! A dress for $50 at Ann Taylor?? Win!!

Have you seen this in the mall for eyebrow threading?? I have always wanted to give it a try. So glad I did!!!

I even got Kelsey to do it too! I always get mine waxed but this was WAY better and only $11. It felt weird but did not hurt and felt better for your skin then waxing. I am hooked. I insisted the woman write her name and hours on her card. I will be back:)

We had a great time!!

My race goodies. Wegmans is opening in the area in June, and if you signed up for the club card you got a free shirt! Love it!!

My busy Friday ended with a bonfire with friends :)

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